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We seek to serve our clients by acting as a communication conduit within the Health Care Mergers & Acquisitions community. We will invest the necessary time with our clients to clearly understand their goals both tangible and intangible. We do not manufacture a new product or hold a patent for an innovative process. At Abstract Business Advisors, LLC, we realize, first and foremost, that what we have to sell is our ability to deliver results.

Abstract Business Advisors, LLC is a specialty healthcare advisory firm offering our clients a unique advantage over traditional brokerage firms who handle mergers & acquisitions. Our team of professionals has over 100 years of combined health care business ownership and experience allowing us a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

At Abstract Business Advisors, LLC, we feel what sets us apart from other health care M&A firms, brokers, and brokerage firms, is our dedication to our clients both on the Buyer and Seller side. In addition to paying attention to details, it is crucial that we pay close attention to the ever changing health care laws, as well as, the pending changes that could affect values in the health care world.  We know the issues critical to the healthcare industry — reimbursement, government regulations, information systems, product technology, and market trends — issues that directly impact who’s buying, who’s selling, why, and for how much.

As professional healthcare M&A advisors, we understand that our valuation methods and processes are our responsibility as a trusted partner.  Starting with your price expectations, we identify and rate the market realities you are facing. Our marketing objective is to reach qualified buyers and sellers with an accurate and consistent business profile. Abstract Business Advisors, LLC assists clients through the acquisition or selling process step-by-step.

Strong seller and buyer emotions are a reality of any type of business transaction. Effective emotion management is a trademark characteristic of a successful closing. As situations arise, we provide objective analytical views. When your expectation issues are on the negotiating table; you are at your highest level of outcome risk. In these situations, you have the assurance that our firm’s negotiating experience and all of our resources are directed toward successfully preserving your interests.

Abstract Business Advisors‘ mission is to support each individual client’s interest while maintaining confidentiality, ensure smooth transactions with the highest level of professionalism, and achieve success by an uncompromising commitment to our clients.



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